Coming events.

If you need a healing or miracle, come join us sometime! Dates to remember: January 20th at 6:30pm in Laurie mo at the Christ the Healer tv studios in the Laurie Mall, 21st Lebanon Family church at 7pm, 22nd at the Assembly in Jefferson City mo, 25th at 10am&7pm in West Frankfort Ill. At the Christian Worship center. The 27th at Christ the Healer tv studios at 6:30pm in Laurie Mo and 29th at the Assembly in Jefferson City at 6:30pm.
There will be a bunch more opportunities coming up in February. Including the launch of our live, online healing school and some more live radio events. I will be purchasing our equipment to start our online interactive healing schools, this weekend. So again, if interested, message me. This will be done through google hangouts and requires you to load the free google chrome and hangout on your device. If you have questions contact me. God bless you.

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