Pt 3 Jubilee

Now we see that its got nothing to do with waiting 50 years, because Jesus came and basically said,” I am jubilee, and if you’ve got me, then you now have all the benefits of Jubilee at all times.”
So this is the year of the saints…now again, the funny thing about Jubilee is, you couldn’t make people go back and possess what was already theirs. They had to believe that it was Jubilee and they had to trust the system that was in place that indeed it was all being returned to them, for free, no strings attached, just go possess what is rightfully yours, but you had to do it.
If you wanted to stay a slave and refused to believe that it was Jubilee, it didn’t change the fact that it was Jubilee, it just meant that you wouldn’t get to be a part of it.
And so this is the year of jubilee for the saints, those who will simply go and lay hold of what is already theirs…it belongs to you and this is the year that we have been given to store up and restock the body of Christ. To lay hold.
Look what Jesus said. He starts by saying, “The spirit of The Lord is upon me…come on..You are going to have to walk in the spirit this year in an abundance like you have not experienced before.
See, Luke makes a point to tell you something that was noticeable, even before Jesus addresses it. In Luke 4:14 it says that Jesus went forth full and under the power of the Holy Spirit…full and under the power of the Holy Spirit. I like that, how about you?
Luke noticed this before Jesus ever talks about the spirit of The Lord being upon Him. Why was it upon Him? It was not upon Him because he attended a bible school. It was not upon Him because He carried ordination papers. It was not upon Him because He had been good enough, traveling to churches, not because He had the title of Reverend, pastor, Bishop, Elder…
The reason that the spirit of The Lord was upon Him is because God placed it there. Because God anointed Him….and in the last days says The Lord, I am…I am…not some man…not some establishment…I am pouring out of my spirit upon all…all, all flesh.
Ephesians 5:18 says, “…be filled with the spirit of God.” We are gonna have to become very much acquainted with Holy Spirit. Study Him, look at what He does, look at His job description. He is the work horse of the trinity…He is the helper…and at the moment of your doing, he will come in and manifest the possibility….
Its jubilee. What does Jubilee look like? It looks like us full and under the power of the spirit of God. It then goes on to tell us that Jesus fame spread abroad….you sphere of influence will enlarge this year…for the advancement of the kingdom. Your sphere will reach behind closed doors. Your fame if you will….dont think worldly on me now…your fame, your sphere, your influence will grow beyond your human connections….this is the year that you walk under the influence of the spirit of God and the year of influence. What else?
To preach the good news to the poor…now what is the good news for the poor? Well, you dont have to be poor, no more! Amen? Thats the only good news that the poor need. A year of abundance, a year of not being that slave to the worlds financial system, not having to look at a check book or a world monetary supply, …
Philippians 4:19, “But my God shall supply all you need, according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” How many needs? All. But according to what? Your bank account? He shall supply all your need according to your weekly working schedules? Supplying your need off of what the government decides to give you? Your fixed income?
Im here to tell you right now, there is no fixed income in gods financial services…He knows no fix to an amount…it said that He would supply all needs not according to what you have, not according to what you dont have, but according to what He has for you….does God have it? No, come on…whatever IT is, does God have it? Yes he does and He has it for one reason only….to provide it to you!

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