Into SON-consciousness.

This is what the ABC’s of Right Standing radio show is all about… The following is a excerpt from the book Signposts on the Road to Success by E. W. Kenyon.

Stepping out of sin-consciousness into son-consciousness is stepping out of failure and success.
It means stepping out of that inferiority complex that is held us prisoners for years.
It means becoming the thing that you have dreamed.
Do you remember the picture in the magazine of the little scrawny fellow sitting beside a great big strong muscular man, seeing the big man take his girl away from him? Then the little scrawny man goes into the gymnasium and develops his muscles until they are strong. Then he goes out in faces other men unafraid.
You go into God’s gymnasium and come in contact with the great gymnastics teacher of spiritual things. You let him put you through a course until you stand in front of the world complete in all his finished work, until your inferiority has been swallowed up by his dominant Victorious Spirit, until you whisper, “Greater is He that is in me, then he that is in the world,” or “then the doubts and fears that worked in me in the past.”
I have Master now who is building me up instead of the master kept me in bondage, who kept me down.
I walked in failure for years. I walked with the sense of my lack of ability and righteousness; but now I walk with Him.
We are linked together. I am breathing in the courage of His tremendous personality. I am filled with His ability. I say, “good-bye,” to the dark, unhappy days of the past. A curtain falls between them and me. I stand now upon the Highlands, a victor. No longer am I worrying about the lack of money. Lack of money does not lord it over me. I am master.
Lack of ability does not lord it over me now. Lack of opportunity no longer lords it over me. I am not intimidated by circumstances, or filled with fear that I cannot do the work or put it over.
I know that the mighty one has taken me over and it’s putting me over since I stepped out of sin-consciousness into SON-consciousness.

This was written by E. W. Kenyon prior to 1948 but is still as relevant today. For more books by him simply go to and tell them you heard about it from Two Guys and a Bible

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