3 days and then…..

Had the Devil known what was about to take place, he would had left well enough alone. Satan never could have imagined that God would allow His only son to step foot in hell. No, certainly if I could kill his flesh, His father would receive Him back into heaven and then I can continue my reign upon earth without any troubles from Him.
Jesus gave up the ghost and began His journey. He went down, down, down and the devil looked up, up, up and suddenly the unexpected! Jesus lands in the bowels of hell.
” What’s He doing down here?!” Chaos! Jesus thrashes Hell, overthrows it’s government, grabs satan by the back of the neck, and parades him around in front of all the demonic forces and there wasn’t one thing they could do about it! Jesus ransacked the place.
As quick as He came, He was gone! Suddenly from the bowels of the earth, satan screams,” Where are my keys?!” Jesus bust forth through time and space, passes death and spits in his eye, reunites with His flesh in that tomb. Puts His earth suit back on and the earth begins to quake. The stone moves…” Grave, where is thy victory? Death, where is thine sting?” He walks out of the tomb, He is alive for ever more! Yes, it’s resurrection day! Jesus lives. Death couldn’t hold Him, the grave couldn’t have Him. Yes, remember this day as He is risen, but I ask you to remember this is the day that Jesus stopped back by earth, before going to His Father, to tell us, ” All authority and power has been given unto me…..( as He rattles His keys with the key ring that says, ” Hell, been there, done that!” ) NOW YOU GO THEREFORE! He handed us the keys to death, hell and the grave! Use your keys to bind on earth, use them to loose on earth, use your keys on this resurrection day to drive that move of God! Thank you Jesus!


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