Retracted statement?

In reading a article in our local newspaper, a man had said some things that he later wished he hadn’t said. It created a bit of controversy He made sure to contact the paper and they said that this man, ” retracted his statement.” So I suppose that this man is wanting people to forget that he ever said what he said.
Here is something that Jesus has never, ever done! So many have said that miracles of healing were for the first century church. Some say that miracles died with the death of the last apostle. Matthew 10:8 records a statement from Jesus. He said this, and I quote,”Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely you have received, freely give.”
I’ve not yet found where Jesus has retracted this statement or any other statement! Jesus said what he meant and he meant what he said. Get to work!


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