Lots of opportunities for you to experience healing and miracles. Tonight watch Christ the Healer tv on GEB America @ 9pm CST on directv 363, Sundays listen to the Undevourable radio program on lakeoftheozarksradio.com at 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Sunday night join me at Lebanon family church at 6 pm for healing school, Monday night tune into I Believe in Miracles at 7pm CST at www. HSLM.US. I will be one of the guests on this program hosted by the Midwest directors for John G Lake, Dave and Patty Lage, join me Tuesday night at Omega Coffee in Laurie at 6:30 pm for healing school, Wednesday night at Lebanon Family church at 7pm for Christ the Healer classes, Thursday night at the Assembly of God on rt C in Jefferson City at 6:30 pm for healing school. Then…. Let’s do it all over again!


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