Reason #5 Why we believe it is Gods will to heal

Reason #5 Why we believe that it is Gods will to heal:
The Origin of Sickness.
Romans 5:12,” wherefore as by one man, sin entered into the world, and death by sin, and so death passed upon all men for all have sinned.” How did death get in? By sin. First you must understand that God created everything we see, including these bodies, but the Devil has come in and through sin, he perverts Gods creation. Sin is the opposite of what God wants to take place. Sin is a perversion of Gods will. Death was not in Gods original creation. But this is all we have ever known, this sick, diseased, pain filled world. It’s not normal. This was not Gods plan, but sin entered and the fall came and with that fall, came these perversions upon our bodies. Sin is an occasion for sickness to come upon you. It can open a door that allows the enemy in. Sin is serious business! Look what it took to get it off of us. It pays to sin! Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages…” What are wages? Pay. “The wages of sin, the pay, is death .” Now the simple definition of sin is: not doing what God said, or doing what God said not to do. God loves you and He forgives you but if you continue in a lifestyle of sin, YOU are removing yourself from Gods best. YOU. See, if I ask my son to clean his room, and maybe he says he will. So the time comes and he wants to go see a friend. I don’t mind if he sees his friends. So, I’m thinking he must had cleaned his room. He shoots out the door and off he goes. Later I walk by his room and it’s not clean! He calls and wants to go over to see his girlfriend and I say no. Matter of fact, come home right now.
Now he could say, ” my dad doesn’t want me to have fun etc…” But who’s fault was it? He has removed himself from the blessing! There is a payday for what he did. Look at a couple of examples. In Luke 5 a man is brought by 4 friends, dropped down through the roof and placed before Jesus so he could be healed, but what did Jesus do1st? “Man, thy sins are forgiven thee…” Jesus recognized a sin problem in this man that needed dealt with. Just like us, I’m sure this man, once in the masters presence, felt ashamed of something he may had done, felt like maybe he shouldn’t be healed because he did xyz. Disqualifying himself because of guilt. Jesus says, let’s get that out of the way, now walk! In John 5 we see a man at the pool of Bethesda. Jesus heals this man and then finds him the next day and gives him a warning, ” don’t go back to doing what you were doing before or a worse thing will come upon you!” But even in the middle of all this, we can chose to repent, and believe and submit to God and be set free. Sickness came as a by product of sin. You can’t say something that came to be by sin is Gods will because sin is not Gods will. So close that door on sin, and his friends, sickness and disease won’t come in either. (This is in no way saying that if you are sick it’s because you are in sin. Nor is it to say if you sin, you will automatically be sick. This is one example of the opportunity of sickness gaining an advantage through sin)

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