Reason #4 why we believe it is Gods will to heal

Reason #4 Why we believe it is the will of God to heal:
Heaven and the World to come. In Revelation 21, John records in verse 4, God shall wipe away their tears. No death, no sorrow or grief, no crying and no more pain. Now John is talking about heaven here. And we know so many people that are saying,
“Once I get to that sweet by and by, I know I can be healed. The ultimate healing in heaven.” Well, this is true according to scripture. BUT do we have to wait until heaven to be healed? NO! But we all agree that there is no cancer in heaven. No sick people or wheelchairs. But by saying that we must wait to get there to be healed is saying that God has 2 different wills for us. 1 in heaven, where you are healed, 1 on earth where it’s not always His will for healing. Is this true? Do you have 2 different wills for your child’s well being? One will for them to be healthy while they live under your roof but once they are out on there own, sometimes you want them to get sick, diseased or live in pain because you want them to be taught those life lessons? You want them tested in sickness. Right? If you do, we need to have a serious talk!!! No, your will doesn’t change so why do you think Gods does? Is He not the same yesterday, today and forever? Jesus makes a great statement about His fathers will for you in Matthew 6 with what we call The Lords Prayer.
“After this manner, pray. Our Father which are in heaven, hollowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come…THY WILL be done ON EARTH … AS IT IS IN HEAVEN …” Jesus is telling us to pray that His will in heaven be done on earth! So, no sick, diseased, pained, miserable people in heaven, pray that His will is done here . Why? Because it’s not being done. Because of all this sickness, we must pray that His same will be done here. This is Jesus talking! People saying they want to get to heaven so they don’t have to deal with all this sickness and disease. Well, I thought you said it was Gods will for you to have it, to teach or test or punish you? Don’t be in a hurry to get to heaven then! Because Gods will is unhindered in heaven, it’s perfect! If it’s His will for you to be sick here, then how much more in heaven!!!? No, it’s not His will and if you are suffering right now, then pray that His will concerning healing in heaven be done on earth for you!


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