Reason #3 why it’s Gods will to heal

Reason #3 why you can believe that is is Gods will to heal: The Original Creation. How did God start off this whole human beings thing? What we are experiencing, right now, in humans, is this the original plan God had for our bodies? An artist will come in and use materials they deem right. The right canvas, the right paints, right mixture of colors, different brushes and then they have signature brush strokes. But a counterfeit painter can come in and they will try their best at making a reproduction that they hope can be passed off as a painting from the original painter. But a trained eye can immediately spot a counterfeit. It may appear as an original until a trained eye looks at it and begins to see that these strokes are off. The paint is not mixed exactly right. God made Adam and Eve and that was the original. You were made to be originals based off of the original! But the counterfeiter (Devil)has come in and a stroke of cancer here, a mix of pain there, and what we have accepted was a cheap knock off of a body that is trying to be passed off as from the original painter. (God). We must have a trained eye through the word of God and look back to Genesis and see how God painted the original human body! As you go through the creation story you see a common theme. “God created light and it was good, created land and it was good, fish, and they were good, animals etc and they were good, created man and woman , stepped back and said it was…. MIGHTY good!” Adam and Eve were flawless! Now, could you look at cancer or deformity and say, ” That’s mighty good?” No. Gods original will for man has been and will be, that you are copied off the Mighty good originals and it never changed. Yes, the fall came but that did not change Gods will! It says we were made in HIS image! Is He sick, weak and in pain? No! We have been lied to in this whole
“It’s Gods will for us to be sick.” It is not. He never wanted that for you and I. Stop looking to the Master painter, and blaming Him for the wrong brush strokes. Go back to Him and ask Him to repaint this canvas and restore it back to the original. And with a swipe of His brush here, a mix of paint there, you can look, ” Mighty Good.”


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