Daily Dose. God is with you

Go forth today knowing that God is with you as much as he was with anybody, ever!
Don’t hang around for the right circumstances. Waiting for healing etc… God is your circumstance! He is with you. Take advantage of this circumstance. Believe it, act upon it. Go forth in the name of The Lord.
God has instruction for you today: Be strong and of good courage. ( Josh. 1:6) Only be strong and very courageous. (Josh 1:7) Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid, nor dismayed. (Josh 1:9)
God emphasized courage to Joshua three times. He is telling you the same today. First He gave the first reason, “I will be with you.” Second time, He added “only” be strong and courageous. On the third time He gave another reason, “Have I not commanded you?” This is the reason for going forward today. God has commanded you! Go forward and obtain that healing. You are not alone. This is why you can do it. Reach down and be courageous today.


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