Daily Dose. Drop a Nuke!

We see Jesus, in Mark 11, speaking to His guys about how to “Have the faith of God” vrs 22. Then in verse 23, He explained how to have that kind of faith. ” Who ever says to the mountain, be removed and cast into the sea and does not doubt in his heart but believes those things he said, will have what ever he said.” I think we miss the power of what Jesus is saying here, so let me give you an example: He is using the moving of a mountain as an example. A mountain! So often we use about a BB gun worth of speaking power. Jesus is talking about moving mountains with words. What kind of power would this be? Dynamite? I don’t think so. Although we do operate at that level at times but I think Jesus was speaking about dropping a light bomb on the kingdom of darkness! He wants us operating at nuclear level power. Where there is no sign of there ever having been a mountain sitting there! Speak with authority. Gods word has the power. It’s like atoms. And when you put your faith into the spoken word, it’s like neutrons infused into an atom and there will be an explosion of power. The results? No mountain left! No sickness or diseases. Do it! Drop that nuke!


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