Daily Dose. Freedom

WOW, in just spending a bit of time with my Lord this morning, He gave me an amazing example of why so many struggle to break free from bondages ( sickness, diseases, sins, etc…) in their lives.
John 8:36 says, ” If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” We all are looking to escape the bonds of this world. We struggle at times, and cannot understand why we cannot escape some of these situations. We know the word, believe the word, we pray over and over again,so why do I seem to struggle. This was brought to my attention this morning: Houdini was the most famous escape artist of all. The police locked him up in a cell countless times. As they would walk out of the building, he would be right behind them, already free from that cell! Except once. One officer had an idea. They placed Houdini in a cell as they did countless times before and walked away, everyone expecting him to walk out behind them. Not this time. A half an hour went by and Houdini was struggling to free himself. He was fuming over the lock. Then a police officer walked up to the cell door and simply pushed the door open! He had been fooled trying to unlock a door that was already unlocked. Jesus handed us the keys so why are you fooling around with an unlocked door? Just walk in freedom today. It may look locked up and fortified. Just push open the door of freedom and walk on into the promises. You are free.


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