Daily Dose The Power of the Cross

Outside of Jerusalem, a vertical timber was raised which crossed through our minus sign. Jesus hung there on that upright, and He turned our minus into a plus. The cross is Gods plus sign for a minus minded world. It causes a reversal in all humanity. Loss becomes gain, lack becomes abundance, negatives become positive, bondage becomes freedom, failure becomes success, sickness turns to health weakness becomes strength, evil becomes righteous! All this when you add Jesus to the negative in your life. There is a power in the cross of Jesus and you’ve got it! Use it! You are Born again and filled with the very nature and substance of God, so get up and have a reversal day! Stop wallowing and lets change it with the gospel. Read you bible. If you are suffering with sickness or diseases in any way, then you go to twoguysandabible.com and you order the e-book The Daily Dose, 31 days of healing devotional. It will change your life! What are you waiting for? Go!

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