Daily Dose… Human Greatness ?

I’m in New York right now! Wow! What a place. The Broadway theater, the shows, Time Square, Rockefeller Center, the buildings and lights…all are monuments off a greatness and mans ingenuity. I’ve seen statues and carvings in stone that all speak of mans power. Thousand ton block of granite filled with words of mans greatness! Statues of Greek gods. But where is My God? Have we too soon forgotten who made the granite! Have we forgotten who made the human mind and all its greatness? Let us remember who the Great One is! It is Our God… there is none like Him. All these great things we place above our God will melt like wax in His presence. His voice thunders, His presence will cause the mountains to tremble! Mans greatness must remain connected to The Greater One! Our King of the Kings, our Lord over all lords. He is our God! Never forget that! Ever!!!


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