Daily Dose. Why does God allow people to suffer?

“Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?” This is a frequently asked question by so many. You could ask the U.S. Secretary of transportation why he allows so many accidents on the highways. No doubt he would take exception to your accusation and point to the rules of the road. ” Every time a law is broken, an accident and suffering might occur.”
If we could all be honest for just one moment, and look in the mirror, I think we could find the real answer! People suffer because they ignore Gods rule book, the Bible. God knows exactly how He created us and what will harm us. The “Shall nots” are not decrees to spoil your fun but are actually manufacturers handling instructions. Oh, I know, nobody likes the “Shall nots” God knows that we were not created to handle sin in us.
It’s strange to me that no one goes out and buys a big ol flat screen tv and sits it out on the patio all summer. Why not? Oh, you know that the instruction manual says not to do that! Keep it dry and keep it out of the elements if you want it to last longer. Failure to do so makes void the warranty on it! But God lays out specific instruction and we say that it’s Ok to go out into the elements of the world and when the warranty becomes void and we become ill or possibly suffer in some way, we want to blame the manufacturer! No my friends! Stop excusing you sin! Just stop it! Read the instructions. Do what they say. Enjoy the benefits. Stop blaming God for your troubles, sicknesses, pains and sorrows! Get in the book, do the book. God never left you, you stepped out of the protective covering. It’s simple, just step right back into it. It’s really that easy. Just repent and move right on back into what it is that God had for you. Speed limits and rules of the road are in place for your protection. Gods words are guard rails for your life. You may bump off of them once in a while, but they will keep you on that road to better things!

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