Daily Dose. Mp3player

We have an amazing product I needed to tell you about. It’s our preloaded mp3player! This player comes preloaded with 26 audio messages from season one of Christ the healer tv show, 11 teachings on the healing power of God and the 101 healing scriptures! No need for CDs that get scratched and broken. It comes charged and ready for immediate use. Just turn it on, press the music file and hit play, and begin to hear Gods healing word. Prov 4 says that Gods words are life to those that find them and health or medicine to our flesh! Perfect for hospitals, nursing homes or just on the go! Just clip it on your side and put on the earphones ( included) and you are set! You can put hundreds of hours of your favorite music and preaching all at your fingertips. We also offer healing teaching downloads on our website for purchase. They cost way less than any cd. Get one for you or one to loan out. Lets get this message out! $50 no shipping. Order one today at www.twoguysandabible.com


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