Daily Dose… Are you a fish?

A fish has the same body temperature as the water in which it swims. Too many Christians are like fish, they have no fire of the spirit than the cold, unbelieving world around them. God sends us out with live coals from the altar, as witnesses of the resurrection, to testify that we have met the God of Pentecost! I’ve heard sermons that were like lectures on embalming the dead. Does this talk reveal a living Jesus? Neither Jesus, Peter, nor Paul left congregations sitting like marble statues in a museum.
If your ” Christian experience” does not move you, do you think it moves God? Do you think it moves the world toward Jesus?
The fire of the Holy Spirit is real! It must flow through us like blood through veins. How else will the Precious blood of Jesus get to the dying body? Get on fire and watch as all people like to watch something burn.

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