Daily Dose… Overdose!

We know in the natural, to overdose on medications is a very dangerous thing. You can take too much of a good thing ( medications) and it can begin to work in a negative way.
But I want to challenge you today to try and overdose on the word of God! Proverbs 4:22 speaks of Gods word being medicine for the FLESH. Psalm 107 talks about God sending His word and healing them. According to Isaiah 53:5-6 and 1st Peter 2:24, healing is a settled fact on Gods eyes! But you can sit back and say, ” it’s not for me.” That’s how you stay sick. Believing the word is how you ” pop the top” off the pill bottle, so to speak. It’s a continual injection through the eyes and ears, of the word of God. You cannot overdose on it. If you get enough of the word in you, long enough, it will heal your body! We have some great prescriptions for you to take. We offer a preloaded MP3 player that has all of season 1 of Christ the healer tv show audio,( 26 episodes) we have 11 teachings on the healing power of God and the 101 healing scriptures. We also offer a book, The daily dose, 31 days of healing devotional. And much more. Go to www.twoguysandabible.com.


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