Daily Dose.. How to: Cast out the Devil!

So many book written, so many seminars preached on HOW TO CAST OUT EVIL SPIRITS. 7 steps to driving out the Devil, 10 ways to deal with tormenting spirits…
Is Jesus not our example? Now let me preface this with a bit of a warning!: we see 7 sons of Sceva in Acts 19. These boys go to cast out a devil and rolled up into the situation with some limited knowledge. They came in and rebuked the devil, ” in the name of Jesus…” That devil turned to run, but suddenly, in a moments time, heard the rest of the rebuke. “We rebuke you in the Name of Jesus.. That PAUL PREACHES!” Oh! Wait a minute! ” Paul I know, Jesus I know, BUT WHO ARE YOU!?” He was really asking, whom do you belong to? Is Jesus your Jesus OR you just living off of someone else’s revelation of who Jesus is? It got them beat naked and ran out the door!
Here is how Jesus mastered evil spirits! It’s a deep one!
1. Who are you?
2. Shut up!
3. Come out!
4. Repeat steps 1-3 often!
Simple isn’t it? Why? Because Jesus understood who He belonged to! He knew His authority rested in being of the Father, in the Father and allowing the Father through Him!
Get your authority on today! Stop all this crazyness and tell evil exactly where to go and what to do!

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