Daily Dose… Miracles, you can’t afford them!

Money for miracles? It really, really ticks me off to turn through “Christian” tv and see some $3000 suit preaching and I quote, “Only a fool would think the you can buy a miracle, but as you send in your $333 seed we are gonna pray for you…” WHAT? All in the same breath! “Buy this miracle spring water…” “Purchase these toothpicks made from the wood from the cross of Jesus…” Come on! The bottom line is this: Miracles were already paid for by the sacrifice of Jesus so you couldnt afford to BUY one! What’s a life worth? Jesus purchase all you need to be set free. Don’t give into these stupid gimmicks. Simon in Acts 8 thought he could buy the power to lay hands on people to receive the Holy Ghost. Peter was quick to tell him that he could burn with his money!
Just get in the word and believe. No need for money exchange. The price is paid in full!


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