Daily Dose. Testimony Tuesday!

Diane had suffered from tumors for some time now. Painful, burning tumors inside of her body. She had heard of this cd, a cd of 101 healing scriptures. What good could a cd do? We have all listen to preachers on tv and at church. Many of us have had prayers over us and hands upon us. Romans 10:17 says, ” …faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” It’s not a having heard faith. It’s a hearing faith. A continuous hearing of the word of God. It’s similar to taking medication for 30 days. We don’t take one pill and expect to be better. We take it 3 times a day, 30 days! Why? To saturate your cells. This is what listening to Gods words does to you, it saturates your body. Diane ordered that cd and began a daily regimen of hearing and hearing and then, it’s like one of those old songs you heard 10 yrs ago, you begin to know what it’s going to say next, then you can’t get it out of your head, then it drops into your heart and what happened next? These painful, burning tumors began to shrink under the power of that medication (scriptures). Gods words are life unto those that find them and health to all your flesh! Now those tumors are all but gone. How? Just by hearing and accepting Gods word into her body. Go to www.twoguysandabible.com, order the free 101 cd and begin your 30 day regimen and see if something supernatural doesn’t happen for you. I bet it will!


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