Daily Dose That same spirit

Eph 1:19-20 What is the EXCEEDING greatness to US who believe. We have Gods greatness, but not just a little. It says it is exceeding greatness. Now just a bit of Gods greatness would still overthrow anything the devil has. But our God doesn’t understand or operate in a mentality of just enough. He is a God that fills cups to overflowing, an exceedingly abundantly God, a press down, shaken together type of God, a life MORE abundant God. Do you see a pattern here? And how is this? By your works? Service to Him? Years you’ve gone to church? Just how much you love, love, love Jesus? No, it’s according to the working of His mighty power that He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead! Now that’s resurrection power. That’s demon whipping, wheelchair tipping, cancer destroying, pain driven out power. To us who believe. ” We’ll, I don’t believe that.” That’s ok, then you won’t be bothered with it, but I believe, how about you?

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