Daily Dose. What about Saturday?

Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday… What about Saturday? The devils plan was simple enough, Get the people to turn on Jesus, have Him killed and when dead, He would then go back to glory with His Father and no longer be here, on earth, to stop his plans. I’m sure the devil had assembled all the “big boys” on the day Jesus was crucified. It must had seemed like an odd statement to satan when Jesus asked His Father, ” Why has thou forsaken me?” Jesus, for the 1st time, could not feel the presence of His Father due to the weight of our sins upon Him. But Jesus finally gives up the ghost and at that moment a short lived celebration began in the pits of Hell. But suddenly, as the devil is looking up, he realizes that Jesus is coming down! Oh what a shock it must had been, as Jesus, the very Son of the Living God, crashed Hells party! “What’s He doing down here?!!” It did not take Jesus 3 days to secure the keys of death, hell and the grave, no, there was a SATURDAY, where Jesus ruled over all principalities and powers and made a show of the openly! Jesus held a parade in hell and lined up all the who’s, who, and paraded them right through the belly of hell. Once He was finished utterly whipping a that hell had to offer, then it was resurrection time. Do not forget the ” Saturday” (please, I know it probably was not really a Saturday, don’t miss the point!) but do not forget that Jesus took care of business for you on this day. Without this day, you would have no resurrection day! Just imagine Jesus parading those oh sought I demons around, riding on their backs! This is YOUR victory!

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