Daily Dose The Temple

I remember when I was younger and my dad was a pastor of a little church in our town. One night someone had broken in and not just stole from the place but they defiled it! They tore stuff up, knocked things over, broke a few things but even worse than that, they used the pews as a toilet, if you know what I mean! The pure outrage from the church members and community was as expected. How dare someone do such a thing to a church? But how soon we forget that the bible says that WE are the temples ( church) of the Holy Spirit. And yet we allow the devil to come in and break things, knock things over and treat us like a baby treats a diaper! We don’t get too upset about it, we just go on. It happens over and over. We would never allow this to happen to a building! AND we would never think to blame the Pastor for the destruction! But sometimes God allows people to be sick..blah, blah, blah! Yes, let’s create a beautiful temple and then let’s let our enemies come and destroy it! Hmm, that sounds logical! (SARCASM) no, it’s time to take care of THE TEMPLES and no longer allow the enemy to destroy them. Get mad, and stop this attack NOW!
” My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. I make a demand on my body to release the right chemicals. My body is in perfect balance. This temple has no broken windows, leaking plumbing, or squeaking floors. It it a perfect house of worship for God.”

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