Daily Dose…Passing Through

Luke 17:11-12, “It came to pass as He went to Jerusalem, that He passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee.” 12. ” And entered into a certain village there…” Jesus was headed to Jerusalem but as He passed through these other towns, there was a divine connection about to be made. The story goes on to tell us that in one of the towns was 10 lepers. They happen to see Jesus and cried out for Him to heal them. We know how the story ends: Jesus healed them all! This was a diving passing through. His destination was Jerusalem but God had already seen those lepers there and had them in the right spot to receive a miracle. This Sunday night, we will experience another DIVINE PASSING THROUGH. My wife and I wanted to take our children to Navarre Beach in Florida. Our oldest will graduate in May so we wanted one more vacation with her before she starts he new journeys. We mapped out the route and saw that it takes us through Mobile Alabama and right into the panhandle of Florida. Suddenly, as I am looking at this map, the spirit of God spoke to me and said, ” Stop in Mobile and pray for the sick.” Say what? Well, I heard exactly what He said, but how? Who? Where? What? I’ve never come and just stopped somewhere and announce that I will be praying for the sick! Shouldn’t there be a pastor inviting me to church to speak and they can advertise it and then people will come? No, this is a divine passing through! As I posted it on Facebook, suddenly emails began to come in, phone calls, text messages, of those who wanted to know time and place. God has now put together a divinely orchestrated plan to set captives free! We have people meeting us from Mississippi, Florida, Alabama and Georgia! People with Cancers, sicknesses, diseases, lumps, bumps, pain, chronic illness, all coming together at the University of south Alabama at the pavilion next to the intramural fields. Come and join us at 4 pm. I’m telling you this is a divine opportunity to be in the right place at the right time just like those 10 lepers. Come join us and bring some sick people with you. It’s our time… For our thing… From our God! Let’s get God on the scene in 2013!


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