Daily Dose… Click your heals?

In Mark 5 we see a woman who has suffered for 12 years. Spent all her money and is now getting progressively worse. This same story is playing over a million times right now. People who are sick and suffering and have not found any relief from medical science. It says in vrs 27 that this woman heard about Jesus! It was enough to build her faith. See, true faith drives you to action. Faith without works is dead. So many hear of Jesus and think its like the Wizard of Oz. just click your heels and everything’s going to be ok! No, this woman got out of the house, found Jesus and I believe she would had knocked someone down to just get to the hem of Him. She got in there and she grabbed that hem. She didn’t just brush up against it. That’s what most do at the hem. Just seeing IF Jesus MIGHT do something. Click your heels. You’ll get just as much out of that as you will hoping and wishing Jesus will heal you. No, lay hold of the promise you have heard about healing. Grab on and do not let go until you hear, ” Your faith has made you whole!”

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