Daily Dose Are you a cord?

Mark 16:18 “…( believers) they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.
I do not understand all the arguments over healing for today and how God uses people to do it. The great commission was very clear wasn’t it? Notice it did NOT say, ” Pastors, evangelists, teachers, theologians, Drs of divinity, bible school graduates etc.. Shall lay hands on the sick…” Although they all should, it does not leave it to a select group in scripture. You want to know if you qualify to ” lay hands on the sick?” Ok, do you believe in Jesus and all the power and promise that comes with Him? Do you believe what the bible says? Do you have at least one hand? Do you know someone who is sick? Well, there you go! QUALIFIED! You are now a minister of the healing power of God!
Let me simplify it even more. This is how this works. Let me liken a believer unto an electrical cord. Now that cord has no power of its own. It’s really useless unless you find an outlet to plug it into. BUT once you find and outlet, you understand that outlet has all the power you need but notice its not doing you any good either until the cord is plugged into the outlet. It better be a 3 hole outlet because you want to be FULLY GROUNDED with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost! But look at this, you can be plugged into all the power and now the cord can be full of power but its still not going to do any good until that cord finds something else on the other end to give to power to! Now you can plug into a vacuum and CLEAN UP A MESS! That’s what a believer is, a carrier of the power of God, that lays hands on someone and the mess is gone! Plug in today BUT don’t just lay there, go find someone who needs a SHOCK!


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