Daily Dose Thoughts

2 Cor.10:5, “…and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”
Oh, our stinkin thinkin! We all struggle with the thought life. We have been raised in a world that is constantly bombarding us with information. Every year a new flu virus emerges, some new disease, sickness, side effect to pills, some new food allergy, some new lump, bump, pain or rash. And with those issues comes new doctor reports on tv, news paper, I phone, I pad, google, web MD, radio, Internet and word of mouth. We can find a sickness to match any issue we may have and a set of pills to go with it.
Think about this. When something first starts in the body, let’s say something simple like a bit of a scratchy throat. What is your first thought? Hmm? Is it, ” Oh no, here it comes, so and so at work was sick and now I’m getting it!” Think on this hard for a moment. When something happens, what is the first thought? What is it? Does your mind immediately go to all the negative things it could be OR how about you think on what report the Bible says? Why do we instantly think the worst when we say we have a God that heals? THOUGHTS! You must take these captive! Yes, they will come but you capture them, interrogate them and find out where they came from and what is their intentions. If they are not from the word of God, then OUT they go.
It’s like a stray cat ( believe me, I know) if you feed those thoughts at all, they start to grow stronger. If you continue to feed those thoughts they will stay, get pregnant and have kittens! You ever try to heard a bunch of cats? Now you’ve got all kinds of little thoughts running around! No! Stop it right away and get into the word of God. When the symptoms and thoughts come, stop and talk to the Great Physician, he has a prescription for every illness!


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