Daily Dose…Detangler

I though about my youngest daughter this morning. She has beautiful long hair. But every morning when she gets up, that hair is a tangled mess. so, what do we do? We have tried in the past to just brush it out, its a very painful long process that usually ended up in “Good enough” hair. Then we discovered a great product called “Detangling spray” Now every morning, no matter how messy that hair has become, we can turn to the spray! Apply it every morning, and she can walk out the door looking as though that hair had never been out of place! Lamentations 3 says that Gods mercy is new every single day. We all have tried to fix the messes of daily life and at times, under our own doing, we end up with ” good enough” days. That is never Gods best! Know that Gods mercy is your life’s detangling spray, apply it every morning and walk out of the house as though your life had never been out of order. Do it today or it will be a painful long process that is totally unnecessary.


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