This week on the Fourteen 12 Radio Network

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Programs this week:

Undevourable with Don Allen Jr.: 3am,8am,12pm,7pm.
Classic Joyce Meyer: 6:15am,9:15pm.
101 healing scriptures from twoguysandabible:1am,7am,2pm,11pm.
Christ the Healer TV Show: 10am.
Kirk DeMars with Move ministries: 4:15am,11:15am,4:15pm,8:15pm.
Matt Deves The ABCs of Right Standing: 12:45am,8:45am,12:45pm,8:45pm.
Dr. Glenn Hartline: 2am,1pm,6pm.
Pastor/Missionary Rick Bell inter pulpit Radio blast:9:15am,3:15pm.

Great music between shows

More shows being added weekly.  Watch for Terry Mize, Kim Wear, and more

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