“…but you didn’t FIGHT for it; you just get to CELEBRATE it.”



“…but you didn’t FIGHT for it; you just get to CELEBRATE it.” 

If you live in a free country, did you personally fight for your independence?  Might be a lot different if you were the one who bled or suffered tremendous loss so that your family could be free from tyranny.  If you are one of those people, I bet you celebrate differently than me. You own it. You own your freedom.

  “Try to take it away, and I’ll fight you again for it.  I did it once…”

Some ONE fought for your freedom from sin, guilt, shame, and hopelessness. That person named Freedom only needed one time to finish the fight. He does not need to do it again. The only way you can own that freedom is to receive it. Man will not allow independence without earning it, but that is exactly what God did. Such a result is not normal to man’s ways, but you can own it without having to bleed.  He bled so you can celebrate.

Do we celebrate the battle, or do we celebrate our freedom from the enemy?  Every holiday, do we talk about the loser or celebrate the work of the Victor? Do we glorify the oppression of the tyrant or the liberation gained by our heroes? Man-produced freedom can be taken away- freedom that you became (own), cannot.

Today, you get to celebrate your freedom IN Christ. He is the Person named Freedom. He triumphed over sin so that you can OWN your celebration. You are one with the Liberator. It seems very simple to say that there is no good time of the year to celebrate bondage.  Daily victory over shame and guilt is a position that is reserved for you at the Right Hand of your Dad.

That is your place of Freedom. He paid for it, so celebrate it!