16 out of the 19 miracles of Jesus, the specific healing miracles, the ones that show what the person did and said and what Jesus did and said, 16 out of 19 specifically talk about the persons faith or show us their faith in action. Only 3 of these miracles were done by the gifts of the spirit in operation where it required no faith by the one receiving. I’ll play these odds all day! Faith is the rule. In order to be healed by faith, your going to need to know some things first. Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing… Problem is, you’ve been hearing everything but Gods word. Faith comes by hearing and your hearing must come from the word of God. Opinions, doctrines, theologies, none of these have the power to destroy sickness or diseases. Get into the word of God. Don’t know where to start? Go to www.twoguysandabible.
com. You will find videos, and other resources to build your faith. Then you can be set free.