Reason #6 why we believe it’s Gods will to heal

Reason #6 why we believe it is the will of God to heal:
Sickness is a work of the devil.
Job 2:7 ” So went Satan forth from the presence of The Lord and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot to his crown.” Who did it? Satan did it! If the Bible says that satan did it, then why do people say God did it? Psalm 41:8, ” an evil disease cleaves fast to him and now that he lies, he shall rise no more.” What kind of disease? Evil. Know of any good ones? Well, does God use evil? No. The Youngs literal translation says, ” a thing of Belial…” Who’s that? The devil. Job 2 says the devil did it. Psalm 41 says it’s evil and of the devil. Luke 13, the story of a woman who was bent over for 18 years. Jesus speaks to her, tells her she is loosed, lays hands on her and immediately, she stands straight up and begins to glorify God! No record of her glorifying God for a bent over back during those 18 years. The pastor gets mad at Jesus and after a bit of an exchange, Jesus says, ” ought not this woman being a daughter of Abraham whom SATAN has bound these 18 years, be loosed?” Who did it? Satan! If Jesus says that the devil did it, then what should you believe? The devil did it! Where, then are people getting that now God is doing it? Where are your scriptures that have God making His people sick for any reason? Scriptures that say God gave this sickness and Jesus placed that disease? Can we agree that Jesus spent 2/3 of His ministry working miracles and healing the sick? Destroying sickness, diseases and pains. 1 John 3:8 says, ” For this purpose, the son of God was made manifest, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” If it was Gods will for some to be sick, then Jesus waisted no time in being a rebellious son who continuously worked against His father in healing all! Look what His father gave to him : Acts 10:38, ” How GOD anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the DEVIL for God was with him.” God was with Him as He healed all of these! Now how can it be God working against Himself? According to the BIBLE ( not pastor, not doctrine, theology) Sickness is satanic oppression, it’s evil and from the devil. That being the case, stop blaming God for the devils work. Fight it, resist it, and be healed in Jesus Name !


Reason #5 Why we believe it is Gods will to heal

Reason #5 Why we believe that it is Gods will to heal:
The Origin of Sickness.
Romans 5:12,” wherefore as by one man, sin entered into the world, and death by sin, and so death passed upon all men for all have sinned.” How did death get in? By sin. First you must understand that God created everything we see, including these bodies, but the Devil has come in and through sin, he perverts Gods creation. Sin is the opposite of what God wants to take place. Sin is a perversion of Gods will. Death was not in Gods original creation. But this is all we have ever known, this sick, diseased, pain filled world. It’s not normal. This was not Gods plan, but sin entered and the fall came and with that fall, came these perversions upon our bodies. Sin is an occasion for sickness to come upon you. It can open a door that allows the enemy in. Sin is serious business! Look what it took to get it off of us. It pays to sin! Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages…” What are wages? Pay. “The wages of sin, the pay, is death .” Now the simple definition of sin is: not doing what God said, or doing what God said not to do. God loves you and He forgives you but if you continue in a lifestyle of sin, YOU are removing yourself from Gods best. YOU. See, if I ask my son to clean his room, and maybe he says he will. So the time comes and he wants to go see a friend. I don’t mind if he sees his friends. So, I’m thinking he must had cleaned his room. He shoots out the door and off he goes. Later I walk by his room and it’s not clean! He calls and wants to go over to see his girlfriend and I say no. Matter of fact, come home right now.
Now he could say, ” my dad doesn’t want me to have fun etc…” But who’s fault was it? He has removed himself from the blessing! There is a payday for what he did. Look at a couple of examples. In Luke 5 a man is brought by 4 friends, dropped down through the roof and placed before Jesus so he could be healed, but what did Jesus do1st? “Man, thy sins are forgiven thee…” Jesus recognized a sin problem in this man that needed dealt with. Just like us, I’m sure this man, once in the masters presence, felt ashamed of something he may had done, felt like maybe he shouldn’t be healed because he did xyz. Disqualifying himself because of guilt. Jesus says, let’s get that out of the way, now walk! In John 5 we see a man at the pool of Bethesda. Jesus heals this man and then finds him the next day and gives him a warning, ” don’t go back to doing what you were doing before or a worse thing will come upon you!” But even in the middle of all this, we can chose to repent, and believe and submit to God and be set free. Sickness came as a by product of sin. You can’t say something that came to be by sin is Gods will because sin is not Gods will. So close that door on sin, and his friends, sickness and disease won’t come in either. (This is in no way saying that if you are sick it’s because you are in sin. Nor is it to say if you sin, you will automatically be sick. This is one example of the opportunity of sickness gaining an advantage through sin)

Reason #4 why we believe it is Gods will to heal

Reason #4 Why we believe it is the will of God to heal:
Heaven and the World to come. In Revelation 21, John records in verse 4, God shall wipe away their tears. No death, no sorrow or grief, no crying and no more pain. Now John is talking about heaven here. And we know so many people that are saying,
“Once I get to that sweet by and by, I know I can be healed. The ultimate healing in heaven.” Well, this is true according to scripture. BUT do we have to wait until heaven to be healed? NO! But we all agree that there is no cancer in heaven. No sick people or wheelchairs. But by saying that we must wait to get there to be healed is saying that God has 2 different wills for us. 1 in heaven, where you are healed, 1 on earth where it’s not always His will for healing. Is this true? Do you have 2 different wills for your child’s well being? One will for them to be healthy while they live under your roof but once they are out on there own, sometimes you want them to get sick, diseased or live in pain because you want them to be taught those life lessons? You want them tested in sickness. Right? If you do, we need to have a serious talk!!! No, your will doesn’t change so why do you think Gods does? Is He not the same yesterday, today and forever? Jesus makes a great statement about His fathers will for you in Matthew 6 with what we call The Lords Prayer.
“After this manner, pray. Our Father which are in heaven, hollowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come…THY WILL be done ON EARTH … AS IT IS IN HEAVEN …” Jesus is telling us to pray that His will in heaven be done on earth! So, no sick, diseased, pained, miserable people in heaven, pray that His will is done here . Why? Because it’s not being done. Because of all this sickness, we must pray that His same will be done here. This is Jesus talking! People saying they want to get to heaven so they don’t have to deal with all this sickness and disease. Well, I thought you said it was Gods will for you to have it, to teach or test or punish you? Don’t be in a hurry to get to heaven then! Because Gods will is unhindered in heaven, it’s perfect! If it’s His will for you to be sick here, then how much more in heaven!!!? No, it’s not His will and if you are suffering right now, then pray that His will concerning healing in heaven be done on earth for you!


Reason #3 why it’s Gods will to heal

Reason #3 why you can believe that is is Gods will to heal: The Original Creation. How did God start off this whole human beings thing? What we are experiencing, right now, in humans, is this the original plan God had for our bodies? An artist will come in and use materials they deem right. The right canvas, the right paints, right mixture of colors, different brushes and then they have signature brush strokes. But a counterfeit painter can come in and they will try their best at making a reproduction that they hope can be passed off as a painting from the original painter. But a trained eye can immediately spot a counterfeit. It may appear as an original until a trained eye looks at it and begins to see that these strokes are off. The paint is not mixed exactly right. God made Adam and Eve and that was the original. You were made to be originals based off of the original! But the counterfeiter (Devil)has come in and a stroke of cancer here, a mix of pain there, and what we have accepted was a cheap knock off of a body that is trying to be passed off as from the original painter. (God). We must have a trained eye through the word of God and look back to Genesis and see how God painted the original human body! As you go through the creation story you see a common theme. “God created light and it was good, created land and it was good, fish, and they were good, animals etc and they were good, created man and woman , stepped back and said it was…. MIGHTY good!” Adam and Eve were flawless! Now, could you look at cancer or deformity and say, ” That’s mighty good?” No. Gods original will for man has been and will be, that you are copied off the Mighty good originals and it never changed. Yes, the fall came but that did not change Gods will! It says we were made in HIS image! Is He sick, weak and in pain? No! We have been lied to in this whole
“It’s Gods will for us to be sick.” It is not. He never wanted that for you and I. Stop looking to the Master painter, and blaming Him for the wrong brush strokes. Go back to Him and ask Him to repaint this canvas and restore it back to the original. And with a swipe of His brush here, a mix of paint there, you can look, ” Mighty Good.”


Reason#2 Why we believe it is the will of God to heal

REASON# 2 Why you can believe it is the will of God for you to be healed: A strong Spirit will sustain you. Proverbs 18:14 amp,
“The strong spirit of a man sustains him in bodily pain or trouble…” 40 times the Bible says, ” Be strong.” Not once does it say, ” Be weak.” So is it Gods will for you to have a strong spirit? Sure it is and a side effect of that is, it will get you through physical troubles. If God wanted you sick for any reason, then you would need to be weak in spirit, but here again, there are no BIBLICAL examples of this being the case. So, if sickness was Gods will for you, He would then need for you to stop all activities that may build up your spirit man on the inside, after all, you don’t want to work against Gods will do you? Doing this means, no reading scriptures, no church, no praise or worship music. No hanging around those who build you up. No praying. I find it strange that the very people who say that God has a reason in making them sick are the first to ask me to pray to that same God, that He would heal them of the very thing they believe He is using to teach them. I once had a woman who believed that God was teaching her through the bad knees that she had. She asked me to pray. I said, ” Let me get this straight. You believe God has some purpose in this and you are asking me to pray that you are healed ? How dare you! Trying to get me in trouble with God by going against His will in believing for you to be healed! You better get as crippled as you can praise God, Give Him praise!” Well, she understood, and we did pray and she was healed, right there on that sidewalk . Build up your spirit man. The Bible says that out of the spirit are the issues of life. Smith Wigglesworth always said this, ” I’m a 1000 times bigger on the inside than I am on the outside!” Get strong inside and it will get you strong outside!


Reason 1: Gods word is medicine!

Reason 1 why you can believe that it is Gods will for you to be healed: GODS WORD IS MEDICINE. Prov. 4:20-22,
” My son , attend unto my words, incline thine ear unto my sayings, let them not depart from thine eyes, keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them and health ( Hebrew: medicine) to all their FLESH.” Gods word will heal your flesh, not just spirit, but bones, skin, cells, etc…what do we know about medicine? There is no magic ” take one pill and all is better.” Most medicine is given 3 times a day for at least. 30 days! So, you begin to take Gods word. Read it. At least 3 times a day for 30 days and see what happens! Gods word is powerful and Gods word is available for any and all who want it. So if you are one who thought it may not be Gods will to heal everyone, then you are saying Gods word is not for everyone. Some sick person finds Gods word and reads it…OOOPS, healed! So IF God wanted a person to be sick , He would have to be sure to remove the medicine from the patient. No Bible for you! No church for you! No tv preachers for you! No cd, DVD, books or any other thing that contains Gods word. Because you might hear or see a scripture that would get you healed against Gods will! (Sarcasm) If you will begin to take enough of Gods word, long enough, IT WILL HEAL YOU! Merry Christmas!


Reasons why we believe God still heals today

In these days leading up to Christmas Day, I’m giving you a daily gift. As gifts go, you must be the ones to receive it, open it and use it. I want to help you unwrap healing and miracles for your body. This subject has been wrapped up in doctrines, theology, lies and misconceptions. EX: ( God sometimes makes people sick to teach, punish, test, or make them draw closer to him. It’s not always Gods will to heal.) Good people are using personal experiences to determine Gods will. “After all, I love Jesus and I’m suffering with xyz, so it must be Gods will” personal experience does not reveal the will of God. What reveals the will of God is the Word of God (Bible). So, let’s take couple of weeks and see what Gods will is for you. You may be surprised to see that some of the things you thought about healing, have no scriptural backing to it at all. Again, all of this will hinge on if you take the Bible as Gods infallible word. If you do, then get ready, make plans now, the truth shall be making you free! (posts to follow)