Daily Dose… I will!

In Matthew 8, we see a leper coming to Jesus. A man with an incurable disease, falls down at Jesus feet and says, ” I know you CAN HEAL me…” We don’t deny that God can… That’s not the problem, of course God can do…you can die knowing that God can….this man had a question, not unlike many today, ” I know you can heal me, but is it your will?” Now there are all kinds of doctrines that say God does not heal but what does Jesus say? He COULD HAVE said, ” no, my friend, God is teaching you a lesson, humbling you, punishing you and if you just hold on…” NOT WHAT HE SAID EVER! There are ZERO SCRIPTURES that support those lies. Which makes those statements UNBIBLICAL! Dont call it doctrine, its unbiblical beliefs!
What did Jesus say? ” He reached out his hand and touched him, saying, I WILL, be clean” immediately this man was healed! I WILL, that is YOUR answer today! Receive your daily dose of power!