Daily Dose Clear Reception?

Gods desire is to see you whole, healed, delivered and set free from anything that would keep you from serving Him and carrying out His plan to the fullest. The Bible made a way for us all to receive the power to be set free when Christ redeemed us. But even with that in mind, it can often seem as though our “spiritual antenna” is a little off. What I mean is, sin can make it so that we cannot pick up the signal God is sending. He is sending one but we are not able to fully tune in and receive. But thank God HIS MERCY IS NEW EVERY MORNING and because you HAVE BEEN redeemed and can stand before the Father as though sin, guilt and shame never existed, you can be forgiven and get the clear signal from God and go on and be set free. Go to Him today and make it right.


Daily Dose Snow Day

As I look out of my window, I cannot help but think of the Old Covenant as I see the 15 inches of snow that has covered the grass, trees, shrubs, even the trash can full of garbage… This covering makes even the garbage look better BUT unfortunately, the garbage is still there. God use to take the blood of bulls and goats and cover the garbage but thank God He now, under the new covenant He takes the blood of the spotless lamb and washes away the garbage. He takes out the trash. So now there is no chance of that Old smell coming up later. Allow God to take out your trash today. All the sickness and pains. His mercy is new today. Put it out by the curb and know that when He is done, it won’t just be covered but gone!


Daily Dose. Healing Season


ppad2” Better get your flu shot!” That’s all we hear this time of year. It’s flu season according to the world but we say, ” It’s healing season!”
Say this 3 times today over yourself, “I command my blood cells to destroy every disease germ and virus that tries to inhabit my body. I command every cell of my body to be normal in Jesus Name.” ( Rom 5:17, Luke 17:6)

Daily Dose Sin and Sickness


We see a great story about a man who had four crazy friends. They brought their friend to Jesus to be healed but when they got to the place He was preaching it was so full they could not get in. Long story, short, they rip off the roof and drop their paralyzed friend before Jesus. But notice what Jesus does first: ” Man, thy sins are forgiven thee…” This man was there to be healed so why such a statement? We all have done things that we are not proud of… We all have sinned and that can create feelings of unworthiness in us. ” I can’t ask God to heal me because Ive done xyz..” Jesus knew this man felt the same so He got that out of the way immediately, forgave this man, now we can get down to business. Come to Jesus and allow Him to forgive and heal you today!
SAY THIS 3 TIMES TODAY, “Jesus is The Lord of my life. Sickness and disease have no power over me. I am forgiven and free from sin and guilt. I am dead to sin and alive unto righteousness.” Col 1:21-223-4-2007-095

Daily Dose..Will you???


552726_406810349413287_1856551044_nIn John 5 we see Jesus approach a paralyzed man at the pool of Bethesda. This man had been in this condition for 38 years. The scriptures tell us that an angel would come down and trouble the waters, first one in gets healed. This pool is surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of sick people waiting.
Now please note: what kind of terrible plan this is. A paralyzed man having to get in the water first???? Not a good plan. What made this man think that year 38 at the pool would end up any different than yr 37? But when we are desperate we do things like this don’t we. Jesus comes along and asks this man, ” WILL YOU be made whole?” No what is the right answer? YES! But this guy does what we all have gone, he begins to tell Jesus all the reasons why he can’t be healed! He goes on to blame others for not helping him into the water. Well, you can wait around for someone else or you can get it for yourself. Now this man was healed by a special move of God. No faith involved. God initiated this healing BUT what if you are one of the others at the pool? How you gonna be healed? By faith! You can die waiting on a special move or you can go get your healing by faith! Get in the word of God and find just 1 scripture to stand on, just 1 and believe it. Jesus is asking you today…WILL YOU be made whole? Instead of excuse, reach down into the knowledge of the word and say, YES LORD!