Go to church?

There are many “believers” who have now decided that they are going to go on and opt out of the whole church scene. The list of excuses is too long to mention here but there are a few that top the list: ” I can get just as much from reading my bible, myself at home.” ” Its just me and Jesus anyway, so why do I need to go to church?” ” All they talk about is money.” ” People judge me all the time there.” ” I just don’t like to get out.” ” Service goes too long, music is too loud and the chairs are too hard, the air is too hot/ cold…” Ok, ok!
Well, all of these may hold some truth to them but here is something to consider: How many times have you been healed sitting on the couch recently? Felt the spirit of God recently? When was the last time that you stood in your living room, with hands raised for 30 minutes in praise and worship to God? When was the last time you were healed watching Paula Dean or Sunday afternoon football? When was the last time that the tv preacher you are watching knew you were having a family issue and felt moved by the spirit to came and minister to you? What tv preacher felt God telling them to hand you $20 because you didn’t have enough gas in the car? Hmm? When was the last time that you felt the spirit of God come into that living room and floor you and you just wept for an hour and got up and all your cares were gone?
I think if you are honest with yourself then you know the answer! And yet I agree that church is not the answer but the bible talks specifically about some things that will happen as a result of things found in the church.
God says that He inhabits the praises of His people. As we join together in worship the spirit is there. How about where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them. (No, the dog doesn’t count! ) How about God moving on someone to come and minister to you, lay hands on you, or give you a word in due season? The bottom line is this, you are really limiting your chances to have an experience with God. I want to challenge you to get to church and expect God to meet you there today! Demand it! And see if something awesome doesn’t happen for you today.